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Bible Over Brews is an interfaith podcast where we roundtable religion, politics, pop culture and everything else you shouldn’t talk about while enjoying craft brew, wine and spirits­čŹ╗



Our Hosts

Aaron “Kru Juice” Veverka

“Kru Juice” is a Catholic Kru Nak Muay that enjoys his faith, family, Thaiboxing, Geek culture, philosophy and a good Brew! He isn’t picky however, he’ll take a good wine or bourbon!

Gumbi Lopez

Gumbi is an astute observer of history, trends and current events, as well as an established musician by trade. His skills are the reason the podcast sounds oh so good

Mike Donahue

Mike is a down to earth, tech loving evangelical that is into fitness and healthy living. Frequently referencing his green thumb, he is often the level headed voice for the protestant position.

George Comer

George is the agnostic of the group that pits his antagonistic wit against Mike and Kru Juice whenever he get the chance. George is a minister of pop culture and loves to swing that staff!

Keith “Mac Daddy” Kurak

Keith is a tech guru that can mash analytics, numbers, geek culture and modern news into a seamless stream of cohesive thought!

Zechariah “The Hound” Poelma

Zechariah has a nose for deep research, and knows no bounds when it comes to seeking it out. He has been building a virtual tome of knowledge the likes of which would make any librarian jealous!

Dr. Theo

Dr. Theo is the scholar in residence at Bible over Brews, and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table.

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